Developed over the last 25 years by husband and wife veterinarian team, Dr. Paul Johnston and Dr. Jeannine DeLuca.  Paul a Canadian, originally from rural New Brunswick, and Jeannine, a native New Yorker, joined professional strengths  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​and passion for horses to begin their current day breeding program. OBF started with four and quickly grew on average of fifty-plus horses, including their own show and foxhunting mounts.  Paul's Veterinary Board Certification in Equine Reproduction has opened doors which have fueled the operation, including frozen semen from the most sought after jumping stallions in the industry, the acquisition of embryo's from world class mares, and importation of top quality breeding stock. "We have carefully amassed a band of mares representing many of the worlds leading jumping lines." Old Bull Farms is  now producing horses here in North America that are equivalent in pedigree and quality to those found anywhere, and this is being reflected in the many successes they are enjoying.  To list a few: In 2009, Gucci OBF was winner of Canada's Royal Winter Fair Lieutenant Governor's General Cup. During the 2011 BWP North American Keuring Tour, OBF "Lenox" was awarded the all time highest score ever awarded to a foal in North America, while OBF "Havana" earned top overall honors for 3-6 year old NA mares, and OBF "Lamaze" the highest score for the colt division.  Highlights on the BWP Keuring tour during 2012, 2013 & 2014, included top scoring fillies with "Marlee OBF", "Nouvelle Ecosse OBF" and "Onassis OBF" respectively. Qorrina OBF also scored second overall for the filly division in 2016.  As for OBF colts,  "Officer" won top overall honors in 2014, as did Quartermaster OBF in 2016. OBF stallions are not to be left out of the limelight with Klinton OBF winning the 2014 Four Year Old Jumping Championships in Tryon, NC.

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